About Us
What is LawAid International?

LawAid International is a global network of specialist human rights lawyers and defence counsel representing clients who are accused or condemned in all countries around the world.
Through the application of legal procedures grounded in leading-edge academic research, LawAid International’s team of experts seeks to ensure that the rule of law is upheld in courts around the world.
By harnessing local expertise in each case, LawAid International can be the conduit between the vulnerable and exploited client, the local legal system, and international law.

Our Mission:

To advocate for vulnerable clients, and through that advocacy, to empower the courts we work in to uphold the rule of law.

Our Philosophy:

We represent clients who have been failed by transnational legal systems. Through our advocacy on behalf of our clients, we seek to obtain just outcomes for our clients, consistent with the application of the rule of law. For LawAid International, a successful outcome is one where the law has been enabled to take its proper course, without being subverted by any form of misapplication, whether intentional or not.

LawAid International opposes the death penalty, but recognises the political realities that provide the sovereign right of states to retain it as the ultimate form of punishment. We seek to ensure that this form of punishment is never imposed without due process.

Who we work for:

LawAid International represents vulnerable and exploited people who have been failed by transnational legal systems.
In many cases, our clients have been unfairly accused of committing a transnational criminal offence.

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