We are lawyers delivering access to justice worldwide at any time.

We stand with our clients providing them with specialist advice, a deep knowledge in criminal justice and a practical voice on human rights. 

We give our clients fairness, respect and equality by focusing on:



We specialise in human rights and transnational criminal law

Law Education

We share our legal expertise through popular media to keep you informed

Strategic Litigation

We work to achieve legal and social change through specific cases

  • English speaking lawyers. Our team has acted in transnational criminal and human rights cases throughout the world, particularly in Southeast Asia.
  • Expert panel of advisers. Our team consists of media and PR professionals, forensic computer analysts, private investigators, psychologists and psychiatrists. 

  • Alliance networks. We have a global network made up of NGOs who are able to help in human rights cases worldwide. 

  • Funding. We help our clients with funding wherever possible through legal aid, grants and donations, or contract fees for specific projects with corporates.