Craig G. Tuck LLB, M.Soc.Sci (Hons), M.Phil (Cambridge)

Craig G. Tuck
LLB, M.Soc.Sci (Hons), M.Phil (Cambridge)


Human rights lawyer - transnational criminal justice and health law specialist.

Counsel in high profile and leading cases (including death penalty cases) - numerous appeals in different courts and forums. 

Representation and advice to journalists, secret service personnel, diplomats, international organisations, rock stars and other lawyers and professionals who have found themselves in trouble. 

Specialist practice in the representation of defendants charged with serious organized crime – especially drug manufacture, dealing, importing and drug trafficking.

Founder and Director of Slave Free Seas, MULE and LawAid International Chambers which has global NGO networks and developed strategic litigation initiatives.

Trained in psychology and law, with a Masters Degree in Criminology from Cambridge University. 

Commendations from the UN and a high profile media presence in print, online and film.

Able to add value to any organization (private or public) in the areas of transnational criminal risk management, access to justice and legal representation.

For direct contact, consulting, public speaking or representation – please contact

The first requisite of civilzation is justice
— Sigmund Freud
 Thomas Harré,   LLM(1st) (Canterbury), PhD Candidate (Melbourne).

Thomas Harré,  
LLM(1st) (Canterbury), PhD Candidate (Melbourne).

Thomas Harré

Thomas Harré is an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, and is a barrister in LawAid International Chambers.

Thomas holds an LLM(1st) degree from the University of Canterbury, and is currently a PhD Candidate at the Law School in Melbourne University. Thomas’ research focuses on transnational criminal law, with a particular emphasis on human trafficking for forced labour. He has given advice on issues of forced labour and human trafficking in a number of cases in Southeast Asia, and has consulted to the United Nations.

Thomas is interested in issues of criminal justice, international law and human rights, and is passionate about using the law to protect the rights of vulnerable people around the world. 

Write what should not be forgotten.
— Isabelle Allende (Writing as an Act of Hope, 1993)