Craig G. Tuck  LLB, M.Soc.Sci (Hons), M.Phil (Cambridge)

Craig G. Tuck

LLB, M.Soc.Sci (Hons), M.Phil (Cambridge)

CRAIG TUCK - head of chambers

Craig Tuck is Founder and Director of LawAid International Chambers. He is a Barrister and Litigation Director specializing in human right cases and transnational criminal law - especially in the Southern Hemisphere. Craig trained in England and New Zealand and has two masters degrees, including an MPhil in criminology from the Law Faculty at Cambridge University. Craig has a high profile in media presence in print, online and film.

Craig is responsible for the planning and implementation of large scale civil and criminal litigation requiring diverse teams of specialists, dealing with complex jurisdiction and procedural issues, on land and sea. Craig has received commendations and references from the United Nations for strategic litigation in the maritime sector (involving human trafficking for forced labour).

He has directly acted for victims of human trafficking, security personnel, rock stars, diplomats, people charged with organized crime or detained abroad. He has taken numerous cases against government departments – including Police, Justice and Corrections, and has successfully achieved legal remedies against multi-national corporations.

Craig has spoken at international conferences about strategic litigation and has advised a number of international NGOS on aspects of strategic litigation that advances the rule of law. For direct contact, consulting, public speaking or representation – please contact

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Thomas Harré  B.A, LL.B, LL.M(dist), Ph.D.

Thomas Harré

B.A, LL.B, LL.M(dist), Ph.D.

Dr Thomas Harré - barrister

Thomas Harré is an employed barrister in LawAid International Chambers. Thomas holds an LL.M(dist) degree from the University of Canterbury, and has a Ph.D from Melbourne Law School.

Thomas is a specialist in transnational criminal law, particularly in the area of human trafficking. Thomas combines practice with research, and has published and presented widely. He has given advice on issues of forced labour and human trafficking in a number of cases in Southeast Asia, and has consulted to the United Nations.

Thomas is interested in issues of criminal justice, international law and human rights, and is passionate about using the law to protect the rights of vulnerable people around the world.

Contact Thomas directly:

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