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Dr. Alysia Brooks has worked for almost twenty years in the area of human rights advocacy, including the promotion and protection of due process rights, fair trials and humane conditions of detention in increased security environments. Her areas of expertise include highly politicised human rights cases and strategic litigation.

Alysia has a Masters of Human Rights and is embarking on her third doctorate at the University of Sydney. Her areas of research include torture (aetiology, accountability and torture prevention), human rights abuses that have occurred as a result of the War on Terror, US foreign and national security policy and international human rights and humanitarian law.

Alysia is the first Australian to sue the CIA, FBI, US State Department and Department of Defense. She successfully sought documents in relation to the US torture program by undertaking legal action both in the US and Australia.

Alysia works to ensure the rights of prisoners detained abroad, including those subjected to torture and ill-treatment in places of detention such as Guantanamo Bay.

Alysia works as a consultant to the UN, speaks at international justice conferences, and is a casual lecturer at several Australian universities. 

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