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Qazi Arsalan Akhtar is a hardworking advocate from Pakistan whose family has deep roots in the law. 

With his father and grandfather both practising lawyers, and many relatives are members of the Pakistani judiciary, Qazi’s family have been advocating for defendants’ rights in Hyderabad and adjoining districts for at least 80 years.  

Qazi’s early education was from the Beacon House school system and he later did ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels through the University of Cambridge. He has an LLB (hons) from the University of Sindh and later achieved a Master's degree in the field of criminal law from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali University of Law (SZABUL) in Karachi. 

Qazi has successfully defended clients charged with the death penalty in Pakistan, with a particular focus on serious drug offences, human rights cases and white-collar crime.  

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - MLK.

Drawing inspiration from the words of the late Martin Luther King Jr., Qazi’s focus and ability to stand firm against injustice and work relentlessly in the face of discrimination make him a valued member of LawAid International’s global network of advocates.

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