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Immigration - Getting ready to come to New Zealand? Be document ready.

By Simran Dipnarain  

Immigration - Getting ready to come to New Zealand? Be document ready. 


New Zealand is a very lucrative option for many people when considering emigrating. Most visitors to New Zealand often consider emigrating after experiencing the scenic landscapes, relaxed work life balance, and the welcoming nature of the locals. Of course, being part of the Commonwealth also weighs in greatly. 


New Zealand immigration laws are far less stringent than most countries and therefore make for an appealing option.  

If you intend to visit the country, you will benefit from viewing Immigration New Zealand's website to determine whether you need a visit visa. If the country whose nationality you hold is not on the list of Visa Waiver countries/ territories, then you will have to apply for a visa.  


In preparation for your visit or emigration, you should be document ready. This means having all the requisite documents on hand before applying for your visa. Identifying all the documents ahead and ensuring that you have supporting evidence will result in a smoother application process.  

The most common visa types are: 

  • Visit  

  • Work 

  • Student 

  • Partnership  

For each of the visa types there are different documents required, but of primary importance are: 

  • Proof of identity – Apply for and have your valid passport, and birth certificate (full)  

  • Evidence of money (bank statements)  

  • Health certificate from an accredited health advisor  

  • Police Clearance Checks 

  • Evidence of where you will stay 

  • Evidence of your sponsor (if visiting/joining family)

  • Evidence of sponsorship (employed) 

Remember, if you will be accompanied by dependants then each person will need their own documents as listed above.  

Simran Dipnarain is a practicing and accredited immigration lawyer in the UK. Simran can be contacted for tailored assistance.  



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